Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Please Read the following terms of use (henceforth ‘TOS’) carefully:

Brugsbetingelserne er udfćrdiget i henhold til EU-direktivet 2009/136/EC.

The TOS is made by following the EU Directive 2009/136/EC and the relevant laws for the time being in force in the Kingdom of Denmark.

An act of access and use of this website will be assumed as if you have accepted the TOS. If you do not accept it, please do not use this website. The acceptance of the TOS means you are bound to obey all of the provisions of the agreement.

Disclaimer of Liability:

‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ does not offer any kind of professional services. So any information offered by it will not amount to the professional advice. In case the information is proved inaccurate and wrong, ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ will not be liable for any damage. So if the user relies on the information, and takes any decision, the BUTIKPRIS.dk will not be liable for any consequences.

Nature of services

‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ collects information from Kellko and pricegrabber. It does not own the liability in case the information is incorrect, outdated or not complete. The relationship between ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ and its user is not equivalent to the professional-client relationship. Thus, ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ does not owe the duty of care to its users in case they suffer any damage, loss or any kind of suffering directly or indirectly related to the services of ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’.


All the data on ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ is the sole ownership of ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ and is preserved by the copyright law of the country. The ‘BUTIKPRIS.dk’ will be entitled to take appropriate measures in case of any person found infringing such rights.

This website believes it has not violated any kind of intellectual property rights belonging to the other party. In case, anyone has proof of the violation, please inform us. We will adjust the matter immediately.